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MSM Creator

User Rating

MSM Creator is easy to use and well structured. You can simply add armors to your msm file without syntax errors. It is also possible to edit already existing entries. You can add unlimited texture models as you require.

EUR 05.00

Dynamic Movement

User Rating

You want to create epic camera movements for your project? All you have to do is configuring the software (tutorial included) and letting the camera out into a new journey.

You have 5 different movement types like vertical, horizontal, rotate, tilt and zoom. It is very easy to customize your own profile regarding your settings. The camera will be moved with your keyboard. You can simply change any hotkey assignment in the settings. You can set the movement speed of all single types individually.

EUR 10.00

Atlasinfo Manager

User Rating

This product allows you to manage your atlasinfo in a 2D visualization. You can move maps, check collision between maps, lock special maps against changes and save the finished progress in a atlasinfo text file. You can load all common atlasinfo files.

EUR 08.00 Discount: 20%

Item Proto Creator

User Rating

Are you wasting too much time creating large proto files? This should be your last thought about it. This software is designed to generate full proto files within a short time.

Damage values, Defense values? No problem! All calculations will processed by the software for sure. Just type in a maximum value for your example set. You can add bonuses easily. The professional balanced algorithm system is perfectly to create whole sets for warrior, ninja, sura and shaman.

You can also create profiles to save and to edit all values in the future. In this version you can create sets for weapons and armors. In the future we will add more types like shield, shoes etc.

[NEW] A new algorithm has been created to perfectly handle dynamic values.

EUR 15.00 Discount: 40%