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Preview image of Mob Proto Creator

Mob Proto Creator

User Rating

Mob Proto Creator is a new software for creating new mob entries. Via the interface, you can easily select attributes to customize your new monster or NPC.

Choose your wished monster about the *.msm file and the monster will be initialized within the software.

You can edit attributes such as level, specification, status, immunity, reduction / resistance, triggering effects, damage, defense, rewards, and status points.

Just press the Generate button and new entries will be made in your mob_names.txt, mob_proto.txt and npclist.txt files. In addition, a motlist.txt and other animation files like wait.msa etc. are automatically generated.

EUR 20.00 Discount: 40%

MSM Creator

User Rating

MSM Creator allows you to manage your "*.msm" files. This software is easy to use and well structured. You will save time and avoid frustration.

You can simply add armors to your msm file without syntax errors. It is also possible to edit already existing entries. You are able to add unlimited texture models as you require. Just drag and drop single or multiple files into the specifiec section of the gui.

If you want to add a new group, the group id will be calculated automatically by taking the next group id from the loaded file. It is so simple! Just start now and save time and keep your msm files clean.

EUR 10.00

Dynamic Movement

User Rating

Dynamic Movement is a camera simulation software for Metin2. Create epic scenes for your video projects and let your creativity free.

The software offers all camera movements such as moving vertical and horizontal, rotate, tilt and zoom. Each movement type has its own speed setting, which you can customize as you want. There is also a setting for smoothly moving the camera. This option achieves even more epic camera moves. You have multiple fps synchronisation settings to enable lag free camera movements. Save your settings into your own profiles as you are able to export settings into new profiles easily.

The camera is controlled by the keyboard. You can use several hotkey assignments for different camera movements. A basic configuration is already included by default. You can switch between different camera modes that offer multiple characteristics. Compatibility for XBOX controllers is also planned.

EUR 15.00

Atlasinfo Manager

User Rating

Atlasinfo Manager allows you to manage your atlasinfo files in a 2D visualization. Initialize your atlasinfo.txt into the application and get started.

You can use Atlasinfo Manager to move and reposition your maps in just a few clicks. Rely on features like a collision detection system. This will tell you if maps collided with each other. A list shows which maps are affected. At the end you can simply save your changes and a new generated file will be created.

With this software, you no longer have to worry about manually adding or editing maps. Manual tasks have taken a lot of time to master. Atlasinfo Manager will help you to finish your tasks just in few minutes.

EUR 15.00

Item Proto Creator

User Rating

Are you wasting too much time creating proto files? This should be your last thought about it. This software is made to make your life easier! You are able to create whole sets for oldschool, middleschool, newschoool and pvp servers just in minutes and without to touch any proto file by hand.

Damage values, Defense values, Bonus Values? No problem for Item Proto Creator! The software application is able to handle all those calculations for sure. If you are not happy with the results, you can adjust the algorithm system in seconds. It is pretty easy, but basically you dont need to go for it.

If you wish you may create profiles and groups to save and to edit all values in the future. In this version Item Proto Creator is able to create sets for Weapons, Armors, Helmets, Shields , Shoes, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Costumes.

Need more? Just let us know by a quick message with your improvements or wishes. We have already improved a lot of things by customer wishes.

EUR 40.00 Discount: 50%