We are a small developer team. Our specifies are software solutions. This store contains our released products and provided services. We are selling our best products which will be further updated and supported. Also we offer freeware applications and trail versions.
Our applications software are compatible on all commonly windows platforms. We further working on updates including new features, system improvements and bug fixes. In this case we are connected with our customers to provide the best results. You may contact us if you have the wish. We are glad to welcome you.
You can find a lot of references on our store and on your social media platforms. We also provide freeware software or at least trail versions. This gives our customer the best experience to get a first touch using our software.
While we programming softwares we keep in mind to perform a structured graphical user interface (gui) which allows our customer enjoyable working time. An important point is the personal individualization while using a program. We try to implement this kind of feature to guarantee a higher user friendliness.
Our Vision
Our focus is to automazie whole processes, generate algorithms and improve the quality of work in general. We dream for a future based on professional solutions which allow us faster, easier and more efficient working.