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Item Proto Creator

Version: | Released: 04. May 2019
Type Value
Added item: helmet, shield, foots, neck, wrist and ear to armor sub type
Added item: item type including costumes: weapon, body, hair
Added bonus type0 to "Bonus" page (select: default bonuses and all bonuses)
Added incremental value option for bonus types is now separately held
Added upgrade: file drag and drop function for icon names (optional)
Added groups: You can create group names for your sets to improve filtering quality
Added profile filter: Groups
Added buttons for start vnum (previous vnum / next vnum / check vnum)
Changed profile: save and create button is now separately held
Changed console: expand console is now dynamically and is compatible for all categories
Changed bonus values can be negative now (example: -5)

Version: | Released: 02. December 2018
Type Value
Added new algorithm system for calculations
Added new profile system to save and load all your sets separate
Added expand console to have a short overview about the results
Added editable item type names and improved active states for item types

Version: | Released: 16. April 2017
Type Value
Fixed refine start vnum
Fixed msm value output for armor
Fixed attackspeed value on two hand weapons
Fixed damage calculation on two hand weapons

Version: | Released: 08. April 2017
Type Value
Added software release