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Dynamic Movement

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Dynamic Movement is a camera simulation software for Metin2. Create epic scenes for your video projects and let your creativity free.

The software offers all camera movements such as moving vertical and horizontal, rotate, tilt and zoom. Each movement type has its own speed setting, which you can customize as you want. There is also a setting for smoothly moving the camera. This option achieves even more epic camera moves. You have multiple fps synchronisation settings to enable lag free camera movements. Save your settings into your own profiles as you are able to export settings into new profiles easily.

The camera is controlled by the keyboard. You can use several hotkey assignments for different camera movements. A basic configuration is already included by default. You can switch between different camera modes that offer multiple characteristics. Compatibility for XBOX controllers is also planned.

  • Create unique videos for your projects.
  • Various modes allow you to create unforgettable scenes.
  • Dynamic Movement offers you all kinds of camera movements.
  • The in-game camera is controlled with the help of your input devices.
  • The settings also allow smooth camera shots.
Product Information
Type Value
Updates included yes
Support included yes
Software Requirements
Type Value
OS Compatibility Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Require Admin yes
Require Internet yes