This is our "frequently asked questions" (faq) section. Here you can find listed questions and answers, which are commonly requested in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

If you have further questions or may require help in any case please feel free to contact us when ever you like!


How may I contact you?
For general questions please contact us via contact form. It's the fastest and safest way. You may also contact us via Skype, Elitepvpers and Youtube. All contact types are linked on our website.
What can I do if my purchased software does not work?
Please contact us and we will help you to make the software work.
Do I have support for my purchased software application?
In general we help and assist our customers in any case. Of course you will have full support for lifetime, just check out if the software information has got "Support included".


How does the payment system work?
In general you have to charge credits with real money on your store account. Once you charged money, you may see the amount of your credit in your account. Finally you are able to buy products in our store (this site).
How can I charge my credits?
You can charge your credits here. For some payment methods we do not offer automatized processes. So it's possible that you have to wait up to 12 hours to let us verify your payment request.
Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes, you can also pay with PayPal. It's completely automatized and secured. Charge your credits with PayPal here.


What is a single license?
If you purchase a software, you will receive a license entry in your storage. A key will stored to unlock the purchased software. A single license is for one computer. This means you can use the software just for one computer at once. If you want to change your computer, just reset the license slot in your user panel.
Where can I download purchased software?
Just go into your storage where you can find all of your purchased software applications.
How can I update my software on a new software release?
You can always directly download the latest version of your purchased software applications from your storage.
Can I share my purchased software with my friends?
First of all it is not allowed to share a license with other people. Before you buy a software you have to agree to the EULA - the rules and permission what you can do and what not.

Anyway it's possible to lend the software to your friend for a short time. You may have to clear your license slot. We do not support this kind of process.
How can I use my software on multiple devices?
It depends on your license key. If you buyed for e.g a single license, you can use this software on one device at time. Of course you are able to change the device.

You may are possible to buy additional license slots of your purchased software. In this case you can check your license contract for more information. To add another license slot is cheaper as the regular software pricing.